Tesla Truck Disrupting the Trucking Industry

November 21, 2017

Tesla Company has become a driving force in the electric car market influencing other companies to follow its trend. The company is a household name as far as the electrical transport industry is concerned yet the company has not ventured into the electric truck business. Currently, heavy electric cars are already on the roads of […]


Blockchain Technology Hits The Trucking Industry

November 15, 2017

Lack of efficiency, transparency and high costs are the main challenges facing the trucking industry today. Shippers, brokers, carriers, vendors and other stakeholders in the trucking industry have always been longing for a secure systems that is fast and makes their work easier with almost no errors and minimum hustle. The adoption of blockchain technology […]


Protect Port Trucking Jobs

November 9, 2017

Trucking, as an industry, has been a worthwhile career path for many years. It can be a hard arduous job, but drivers can typically make a decent living through hard work. Harbor trucking, which entails moving cargo short distances from ports to closely located warehouses and rail depots, has recently had a light shown on […]


Fulfilling Truck Driving Jobs Could Help Prices and Decrease Delivery Delays

November 1, 2017

Basic demographics show that with increase of internet business orders coming in, the demand of deliveries to be made has increased almost a hundred fold in the decade alone. This means the number of truckers that used to suffice and sometimes override demand are insufficient at the moment. Orders that were supposed to take three […]


Top Trucking Jobs In High Demand As Trucking Firms Face Recruitment Problems

October 26, 2017

With the current recovery of the freight market, trucking companies are now worried about how they can find enough truck drivers. The demand for shipping has experienced a two-year flop while manufacturing is going through a significant expansion. Retailers, on the other hand, are stocking up prior to the holiday season. While all these are […]


Truck Driver Shortage May Hurt Trucking Companies Earnings

October 19, 2017

The positive market response to truckers’ demands for higher payments for freight services has been driven in part by two main forces. Starting with emergency contracts to haul aid cargo to hurricane-struck states, the retail industry comes a reliable second with orders for moving consumer merchandise from factories to depots and stores, in preparation for […]