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by HopInTop on January 14, 2014



Choosing to become a truck driver can be a surprisingly lucrative career path that holds many opportunities for growth and freedom within the job. A variety of things can influence the salary of a truck driver, such as their experience within the field and what type of driver they choose to become, and this is one of the most important areas of consideration when making the decision to become a truck driver. The average salary of a truck driving job without any consideration for what type of truck driver they are is $49,000 a year.


The first thing that is always considered with regard to salary is experience in the field. Naturally, people who have more experience will net a higher salary. Someone with many years of experience can receive a salary that would make others jealous, and they are often also offered many more benefits and bonuses than new truck drivers are. A driver who has been working for multiple years will be subjected to regular raises and compensation in other ways, as well, particularly if they remain with the same company throughout their career. The type of license that the driver possesses can also affect their salary.


Distance plays a major part in determining the salary of a truck driver as well. Someone who wishes to only drive locally so that they can return to their home each night will make much less than someone who makes extremely long journeys on a regular basis. This is where the low end of the spectrum is, with local truck drivers making an average of $19,000 each year. The benefit of being able to return home after local deliveries far outweighs the lower salary for many people, but it is primarily a personal choice based on what the driver wants in life.


Drivers who work on a regional level are assigned a small number of states that are located close to each other and the driver’s home state to complete deliveries in. Regional drivers are compensated somewhere in the range of $25,000 to $35,000 for their work. Driving regionally involves being away from home for a few days at home alternating with being home for 2-3 days between jobs. For drivers who do not have as many commitments that require attention at home, driving regionally may be the best option.

Over The Road OTR

Over the road drivers, who cover very large areas of the country with a variety of goods, are compensated between $40,000 and $60,000 dollars a year depending on what type of truck they drive and what goods they are hauling. Being away from home for much longer periods of time nets a higher salary, and driving more dangerous vehicles or cargo will as well.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

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