Top 10 Trucking Companies in The USA

by HopInTop on June 23, 2015

For an industry that has probably seen some of the biggest competitions, if you are currently looking for trucking services, singling out the best trucking company in the US is nearly impossible. To get you started, here are top trucking companies in the US.

1. American Freightways
With proven expertise in the industry, this particular trucking company is currently a leader when it comes to logistics. They have over the years work hard and provided some of the best, cost-effective and seamless transportation solutions to million and millions of Americans.

2. SCHNEIDER National
Comfortably sitting at number 2 has to be SEHNEIDER National. With no equal in the industry when it comes to shipping capacity, this trucking company has everything you can possibly think of. Promptness and on time service delivery is the name of their game. It is one of the best and top trucking companies in the USA.

3. C.H Robinson
Founded over a century ago, this trucking company has consistently provided some of the best trucking services to Americans. Seen as an attempt by the owners to make it one of the best, the company currently provides access to over 60,000 transportation providers all over the world. Besides, their services are culture driven and the company has managed to build a strong reputation in the industry.

4. Con-way Transportation
With extensive coverage of the US, Mexico and Canada, if you are currently looking for the best trucking services, this is probably what you should be looking at. It is a leading provider and if what people have said about this company is all true, then, it has practically lived true to expectations of many business and individual customers.

5. SAIA LTL Freight
If told to describe this trucking company, I would say it is where safety meets efficiency. Currently batting for the top spot, SAIA LTL Freight boost an array of services you might want to check out here.

6. Fox Transportation
Fox Transportation isn’t any other type of trucking company for it is among the best. Founded over two decades ago, it is because of its great and efficient trucking services this company has rose through the ranks and become a leader. It currently serves some of the nations top shippers as well as manufacturers.

7. Ryder
When it comes to provision of commercial logistic and transportation and supply chain management solutions, Ryder is currently the leader. Serving customers across North America, Asia and Europe, this company has earned a strong reputation for delivering the best of the best.

8. Mayflower
Mayflower is also another prominent freight company in the US. For the years it has been in the industry, its goal has been to provide consistent, reliable and timely transportation.

9. J.B Hunt Transport Services
Currently riding high across the market, that has not actually come as a surprise; after all, delivering meaningful and measurable value has been always been its key goal. With a team of dedicated and highly qualified employees, that alone has seen this company flocked by customers just for its services.

Wrapping up our list of the top trucking companies in the USA is WERNER. Through customized supply chain, this company exceeded expectations of many people in the industry. It is amazing how they have managed to promote safety while at the same time remaining customer focused.

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