January 2016 Newsletter

by Austin Haskew on January 15, 2016

Happy New Year! New year new start for everyone. Enjoy our articles and tell us what you think. Know anyone looking to start a new job this year? Send them over to the site and let us help them out!

An Hour Away from Keeping Your Resolutions

by Terri Jenkins-Brady January 15, 2016

Ever notice how there’s always a report out every January that “this shocking percentage XX% of people won’t keep their resolutions for the new year and blah blah.” Frankly, that doesn’t make me any more enthused about keeping the few resolutions I’ve made. It likely isn’t encouraging to you either. Instead, here’s something the CEOs […]

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How to Increase Your Take-Home Pay

by Timothy Brady January 15, 2016

This is not about hoping that meeting with the HR department or the evaluation by the trucking company owner and upper management will result in a pay increase. What this is about is changing your perception of what you earn from the amount in your paycheck to focusing on increasing your net worth. Think of […]

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Tech 4 Trucks Future Forward: Autonomy, Good Or Bad?

by Tom Kelley January 15, 2016

A few months back when Freightliner debuted their autonomous truck, we took a look at some of the basics behind autonomous vehicles, and some details of the Freightliner truck. This week, I’m attending the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, as well as a side event focused specifically on the vehicle telematics systems that will enable many […]

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Everyday Heroes

by Terri Jenkins-Brady January 15, 2016

When you next look in the mirror to comb your hair or shave, give yourself a silent salute. You may not realize it, and certainly you don’t get told this very often, but you’re one of a very special group of people: everyday heroes. While you’re behind the wheel, you notice things other drivers don’t. […]

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Trooper Snakes’ Christmas Carol – Part 2

by Ernest Sharpe January 15, 2016

Our story thus far: Highway Patrolman Chester Snakes—dread of truckers—has been yanked from his bed by the ghost of his old supervisor, Merle Marley, who takes him to a Christmas long ago when he was a cheerful, innocent tyke and not the sour ticket-writer he’s become. The two then journey to the home of Chester’s […]

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