How to Apply to a Job

The Job Application Process

The first step to using is filling out an online application. This both creates your account, and stores your information. Your information is secure using 128 bit encryption, and with your user name and password created in the process, you can change any part of you application at anytime. The driver application process has 4 steps. Step 1 - General account information, like an user name, password, and how you want to be contacted, by phone, email,or cell phone,and at what time of day.

Step 2 - License information, as a truck driver this is required to pre-check your MVR and DAC, as well as to show you currently have a vaild CDL, and can drive trucks legaly.

Step 3 - Work histories - it is now required by law that a work record be supplied to a potential employer going back 10 years. This is work driving trucks, i.e. if drove truck for the last 2 years you're required to only list that work, though some employers like to see what your experience is as a whole, to get an idea into your character.

Setp 4 - Job Services - at this part in the process, you select whether you want JOBBot to automaticly match you with trucking companies daily, or if you're going to manaully look for a driving job - the choice is up to you.

You're done! In the future, simply come back to and login,and you'll be set.

Search, Find, Review, Apply

Once you've reveiwed the types of trucking jobs availble, and are confident about what you're looking for, click "search trucking jobs" at the top or left side navigation of This will take you to a search page, and from there to a trucking company profile.

You've done all that, searched jobs, looked at profiles,and added to your job cart - now what? If you're in the company profile, you see an "apply now" button; click that. If you are anywhere else on the site, look to the top of the page and locate "saved jobs", and this will open the cart.

Once the job cart is open, you will see a list of instructions informing you that this is not the final step, this is the final review process. After this step, your information goes straight into the hands of the trucking companies listed. This is your last opportunity. At the bottom of the job cart, is listed the company name, main terminal, and date you added them - the date is importanet in case you've left companies stored since your last visit. If you were logged in and spent hours searching, and for whatever reason the computer shutdown or your internet connection was lost, don't worry, just log back into and your information is still ready for you.

To review the company, click on the company name to review their trucking profile one last time if needed. If everything looks good, click "APPLY NOW" - that's it. Your application has now been sent to all companies listed, and you should be hearing back from them shortly.

Hiring VA Drivers

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