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How to locate, review, and apply to trucking companies as a truck driver

How to search jobs in trucking, types of trucking jobs within the companies, locations and states, driver job application. offers you, the professional trucker, two distinct ways to get your application in front of hundreds of trucking companies, quick and easy.We offer manual job searching, using our truck driving job search engine to locate jobs for you, and we also offer JOBbot, with matches the job seeker with OTR (over the road) driving jobs and local trucking jobs.

As a truck driver you benefit either way, searching on your own, or by using our job matching system, you're able to contact trucking companies directly,and find out if they are the right fit for you. And it's quick! The average truck driver is contacted within an hour of submitting their job application using ETJ's service; as a truck driver you know time is money, and we're going to save you a lot of time in the job search.

Quick Overview

JOBbot : Job Match

JOBbot matches your needs with those of hiring companies. We actively collect information from trucking companies, such as what they require from a driver, and set-up specific filters that pre-qualify a trucker for a company, and vise versa. Jobbot matches job seekers with hiring companies based on hiring position, hiring area (states or provinces), minimum age of the driver, minimum over the road (OTR) experience, minimum local trucking experience, DUI Policy, maximum number of trucking related moving violations in the past 3 years, number of reckless driving violations in the past 3 years, number of preventable accidents in the past 3 years, required equipment hauling experience, and required CDL endorsements needed to haul for the particular company.

Your application is automatically sent out to the company you are fully qualified to have a job as a driver for; no hassle, no endless applications to fill out, no more calling company after company to find out what you, as a truck driver, need to do to get hired on.

It's automatic! For 30 days, JOBbot matches truck drivers. Finding a trucking job as a driver can't get any easier. Want to know more about JOBbot? Click here for complete details about JOBbot, company driver job filters, and more.

Ready to get started? Click here for an application.
Note:as a truck driver, your work history and CDL information will be needed

Benefits of JOBbot

The benefits of applying to companies with JOBbot, versus performing a manual job search: JOBbot simplifies your job search. Once JOBbot is activated, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the phone calls. It will happen! JOBbot offers the ability to put your application in the hands of companies you might not have had a chance to know about before, offering you a wide range of possibilities.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the status of your account, please feel free to call us at (866) 383-7956 ext.101 or email Driver Relations at

Manual Job Search :

ETJ + Truck Driver + Trucking Company =
Great Home Time, Pay & Benefits

You're ready to find a new job, but want to take care of it yourself, no problem. As an experienced driver in trucking, you probably know who to avoid and what you want exactly from a company. To get started ,create a new account, or login, click on the "Search Trucking Jobs" tab in the upper left corner [ or top] of the screen, and jump to the search page.

Select appropriate trucking job filtering options. For a basic search, select "position" and "state" ,then click "search jobs" to begin your search. For an advanced search, select any of the other search criteria: OTR experience, equipment experience, license class, felony history, or the maximum distance you would like a company terminal to be from your home...then click "search jobs" to begin your search. A list of those companies that meet your search criteria will appear in an ordered column format; the companies are listed randomly,so if you don't see something right away don't get frustrated, your opportunity is on the next page.

You can view the on-line profile of a company by clicking on their name. Once the list of trucker companies appears, this will open a new browser window and list the job profile. Once you have viewed the profile,if you would like to apply to this company, you can add them to your cart by clicking, 'Add to Cart,' which will appear at the top and bottom of each company profile. If you do not want to apply to the company represented in the profile you are viewing, simply close the profile by clicking on the 'X' in the upper right corner of the profile.

NOTE: Once a company is added to your cart, you have not yet applied to them. You have the ability to remove them from your cart at any time. Once you have added all the companies to your cart you would like to apply to, you will then click "Apply Now" to send your application to all of those companies you are fully qualified to drive for.

Click on "Apply Now" when you are ready to apply to all the trucking companies in your cart. Once you have clicked, our system will check to make sure you are fully qualified to drive for all companies you selected. You will be directed to a confirmation page, where our system will let you know that your application was successfully submitted to those companies you are fully qualified to drive trucks for, and indicate why your application was not submitted to those you were not qualified to be a trucker for.

For full details on how to do a manual job search,and truck driver filters that relate to the search, click here.

Benefits of performing a manual job search

The main benefit of performing a manual search is that you control who receives your application. You can view each company profile and only send your application to companies in which you are interested in being a trucker for. Your application is secure and only YOU have the power to release it to a company.

As a professional truck driver, you already have recruiters calling you and sending you information you never requested because of past sites or services you used. With ETJ, you're in the driver seat every step of the way. Want to know where, when, and to who your application went? Login, click "Review Sent Applications",and review each company, the day they received your job application, and who to contact for information about its status.

If you have any problems or questions regarding types of driver jobs we provide, manual job searches,types of trucking jobs we list,or how to post a job ,call us at (866) 383-7956 ext 101 or email Driver Relations at Our staff is here to serve you and deliver the most accurate information availble in trucking, don't hesistate to call.

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