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As a professional truck driver, you spend hours on the road doing your job, so why spend hours on a computer locating one? With thousands of trucking companies, and the media talking about the driver shortage and the hundreds of truck driving jobs made available, it should be easy, but it doesn't seem that way. automates the process while keeping your information secure. JOBbot is a computer program designed by top programmers at, that matches your driving experience and years of work history as a truck driver, with hundreds of companies with the click of a mouse. For many truck drivers, time is of the essence. Looking up companies and making fifty or so phone calls to find suitable employment IS NOT exactly easy. JOBbot saves you time and wasted leads, by automatically applying you to companies, so that all you have to do is wait for a phone call. If you meet the companies pre-set driving requirements, then it's ready to go.

What JOBbot Can Do For You

Designed with your needs in mind, JOBbot actually sorts and filters through the information you supply in your application, to match you with compatible companies. Each company that uses ETJ to find qualified drivers, must fill out a company profile. In a company's profile, a recruiter indicates all of their company's hiring requirements, and what they offer to drivers wishing to apply. Using this information, combined with your experience and preferences denoted in your application, JOBbot makes a match, and then sends your application out to those suitable companies.

What JOBbot Does Not Do

Unlike other internet recruitment web sites, JOBbot DOES NOT send your application out to EVERY company listed in our database. Nor does your application keep getting sent out after your application has been de-activated. The only time JOBbot sends your information out, is when you activate it, indicating that you are actively seeking employment. Also, as a precaution, JOBbot will only look for 30 days, just in case you are unable to login. If you need JOBbot to keep sifting through trucking companies, just login and "click".

Active JOBbot

JOBbot remains active for one month and matches you with up to 25 companies per day. The number of matches you make each day depends on the information you provide in your application. If you activate JOBbot and find a driving job, all you have to do is login and de-active JOBbot to ensure that you stop getting phone calls. If your activation period ends, and you have not yet found a job, you can re-activate JOBbot to keep looking.

Inactive JOBbot

The kind of control you want to have over your job search is very important to us. Turning JOBbot inactive ensures that the only companies your information is sent to are ones you specifically apply to using the manual search engine.

Still Have Questions? Unsure on Automatic Driving Jobs Matching?

If you have any questions about the types of driving jobs we assist with, how automatic job matching works, how to apply to a driving job, or just how to search for a trucking job, please give us a call at 866-383-7956 and we'll be happy to assist; or contact Trucking Jobs, INC. through email at

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