Truck Driving Jobs

Truck driving jobs are available nationwide at RigMeUp! 'Truck driving jobs' is very broad in terms of the many different driving jobs available in the trucking industry. Are you a company driver? Are you an owner operator? Do you want to haul flatbed, tanker, reefer, or auto hauler. What best fits you and your family's needs?...maybe its an OTR (over-the-road) driving job or a regional driving job or maybe a local driving job? With so many different truck driving jobs available, it is very important to assess your individual needs and find a trucking company that offers the best fit for those needs.

Owner Operators are truck drivers who own their own truck. There are also many options for owner operators such as leasing your truck to a credible company or obtaining your own authority and running your own small business. has a site dedicated to helping owner operators find the perfect truck driving job. focuses on the specific needs of Owner Operators.

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Flatbed driving jobs are those which haul a flatbed trailer. Flatbed drivers have the ability to haul thousands of different products such as large machine parts and lumber. Most flatbed driving jobs require drivers to help apply a tarp to cover and secure the freight. Flatbed drivers are typically compensated well for the extra work involved in tarping.

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Tanker driving jobs are those which haul tanks filled with liquid or gas. Tanker drivers are normally required to have the HAZMAT and Tanker endorsements on their cdl license since many tanker driving jobs require the transport of hazardous material. Many tanker driving jobs pay the highest wages in the industry because of the extra risk involved in hauling hazardous material.

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Reefer driving jobs are those which haul refrigerated trailers. Reefer drivers haul many different types of products, most of which are all perishable. Wages for reefer drivers fluctuate quite a bit, but tend to stay around the industry averages.

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Auto-hauler jobs (car-hauler) are those which haul trailers carrying automobiles. Auto-hauler jobs tend to pay very well due to the value of many of the automobiles they transport. Most auto-hauler jobs require previous auto-trailer experience since most require loading and unloading of the vehicles. Auto-hauler jobs are in extremely high demand!

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Deciding between an otr, regional, or local truck driving job can be a very difficult decision as the trade-off of benefits is extremely high. OTR jobs pay more than the others, but require drivers to be on the road two and three weeks at a time with very little home time. Regional driving jobs are the most sought after jobs in the industry as they typically offer very competitive pay and more home time. Most companies require drivers to drive for them for a certain length of time before rewarding them with a regional truck driving job. Local driving jobs allow drivers to get home daily (in most cases), but the pay is significantly lower than OTR and Regional Jobs. has the perfect driving job to fit your needs. We strongly encourage you to fill out an online application to begin advancing your career!