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With the help of the internet, loads and load sources are easier to gain access to and bid on. Any additional information and suggestions can be emailed to

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    Equipment is usually booked soon after being posted. Freight related companies can increase profit by using the internet to find truck loads nationwide. The internet is also a valuable resource when attempting to balance the high cost of fuel, insurance, and driver wages. Brokers and dispatchers can now easily book their empty trucks and equipment. Common users include: Truck load brokers, truckers looking to fill their trucks, fleets, shippers, and other transportation logistics industry companies.

Common Terms Associated With Load / Freight Boards

Freight Company:
Freight companies hire out their services to shippers and normally charge a fee based on the miles, the load, or the shipment that will be transported.
Freight Shipping:
Freight shipping companies are the people who actually do the moving of goods and that service is often referred to as "shipping".
Freight Broker:
A freight broker is a person or company that has the sole purpose in the freight moving business of linking trucks with freight. It is their job to contact trucking companies or independent owner operators and arrange for trucking jobs for a load to be hauled.
Load Posting:
Load posting on the internet is the newest way for fright or trucking companies to find shipments. Many modern shippers have access to the internet and use one or more of the on-line posting services. Some shippers have access to posting sites and update their load posting whenever loads of freight are dispatched.
Internet Freight:
Internet freight posting and listings are a source of loads for truck freight. There are many free load posting sites and there are sites that charge for truckers or carriers to search for loads. These site normally allow shippers to post their loads for free.
Internet Posting:
Freight posting or listings of freight that is available for carriers or trucking companies is often referred to as load posting.
Trucking is a term common to freight carriers and freight brokers. The term refers to the freight carrying industry as a whole. The people who do the trucking jobs are called truckers.
People or companies who engage in the practice of moving freight.
Carriers: People or companies who move freight by vehicles such as trucks, ships or airplanes.

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