Indiana Motor Truck Association

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Indianapolis, IN 46204
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About Indiana Motor Truck Association

The united voice of the IMTA gives us a stronger presence with lawmakers and regulators. Whether it's lobbying for positive state and federal legislation or combating anti-industry regulations, our members' interests are IMTA's call to action.

The IMTA works daily with government agencies such as the Indiana State Police, the Departments of Revenue and Transportation and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Our access to decision-makers makes living with the government easier for the trucking industry. For example, Indiana's "One Stop Shop" is the result of IMTA and state agencies working together to create greater convenience and efficiency.


Joining the Association provides members with access to experts in safety, finance, insurance and law, as well as the cumulative experience of our members.

The IMTA provides leadership in improving and monitoring trucking safety through the programs of its Safety Management Council. The Council creates the opportunity to recognize those who have exceeded the industry's high standards of safety. Council activities include monthly educational meetings, the annual Spring Conference, road patrol monitoring, the Accident Review Committee, the Fleet Safety Conference, and the Safety Alliance Program.

The IMTA educates members through workshops, seminars and conferences designed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing trade and regulatory environment. By sharing expertise, knowledge and problems, we can learn new techniques and ideas. Recent seminar topics have included driver recruitment and retention, DOT safety audits and the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

To recognize special achievement, the Association has created many opportunities for professional certification and awards. Among IMTA's programs are Safety Professional of the Year, the state Truck Driving Championships, Master Truck Driver Certification, and Driver of the Month/Year Contests.

During Indiana General Assembly sessions, the Association sends updates on important legislation. Throughout the year, IMTA members receive Truck Talk, a monthly newsletter, and three annual publications. Members of the Safety Management Council receive Safety Talk on a monthly basis.

One of the IMTA annual publications is the Indiana Truck Book, an invaluable reference source on carriers, suppliers, government agencies and allied businesses. You'll find just about any phone number, address or key trucking contact that you need.

Trucking, like politics, is local. While federal and state issues are critical to all of us, the IMTA knows that issues and problems often pop up closer to home.

Whether it's a new city council ordinance, traffic concerns in Lake County or bridge issues down on the Ohio River, IMTA regional chapters identify local concerns and find local solutions. Many of the Association's state initiatives grow from our regional meetings and discussions.

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