Kentucky Motor Transport Association

617 Shelby Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (800) 334-KMTA
Fax: (502) 227-0849

About Kentucky Motor Transport Association

KMTA is the acronym for the Kentucky Motor Transport Association - the trade association representing the interests of, and acting as the voice for Kentucky's Trucking Industry. KMTA is comprised of over 550 members (growing daily) predominantly motor carriers, but including companies who supply goods and services to the industry. A 55 member Board of Directors and an 18 member Executive Committee lead the association. KMTA is affiliated with the American

Trucking Associations (ATA).

Established in 1962, as a non-profit corporation, KMTA exits to ensure that the public and policy makers have a complete understanding of the trucking industry and the issues that affect them. KMTA also provides cooperative services to members.

KMTA is highly visible in its efforts to encourage legislation and regulations that are fair to the trucking industry, as well as the public. KMTA provides seminars to educate motor carriers on management, safety and regulatory issues. Recently, KMTA received ATA's highest award for its safety initiatives. KMTA actively promotes highway safety through such programs as Kentucky's Road Team, the Kentucky Truck Driving Championships, the KMTA Safety Council, the KMTA

Maintenance Council, and the Kentucky Alliance for Motor Vehicle Safety (KAMVS). KMTA has recently encouraged the passage of legislation to promote safety and remedy the economic conditions that have hurt the industry for many decades.


To promote the trucking industry by educating governmental entities, the general public, customers and related industry groups, through advocacy, career development, supporting value added programs for enhancing industry safety and productivity.

10 Reasons to Join KMTA:

  1. What you don't know can hurt you. We keep you informed of ever-changing issues on the state and federal levels
  2. KMTA is your voice in the Capital. With our dynamic legislative agenda, KMTA is making the changes in Frankfort that will help your business to succeed
  3. Your KMTA membership gets you direct access to safety professionals who can help with all of your compliance needs
  4. A timely and informative newsletter, Kentucky Trucker
  5. Your membership investment in KMTA gives you an opportunity to meet with other industry leaders and glean ideas to use in your own company
  6. Your membership allows you to enjoy benefits and low costs of KMTA Group Purchasing programs such as our Worker's Compensation program through Midwestern
  7. Insurance Alliance
  8. Increase your employee productivity and effectiveness by participating in our Safety and Maintenance Councils and various seminars co-sponsored by KMTA throughout the state
  9. Enjoy discounts on supplies: logs, safety regs, annual inspection reports and other safety materials required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  10. Membership is a "Makes Sense" opportunity. Marketing, networking, exposure and new leads put your company one step ahead of your competitors.

Joining KMTA Does Not Cost- IT PAYS


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