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About Mississippi Trucking Association

The Mississippi Trucking Association serves as the voice of the trucking industry with our state's lawmakers and regulatory agencies, but also works to protect the future of the industry by providing our members with a variety of services aimed at keeping them better prepared for a changing business environment. Through open communications and enhanced business relationships, MTA members enjoy discount programs for fleet fuel and telecommunications services, assistance with DOT and FMCSA Safety Regulations compliancy, Workers' Compensation protection and much, much more.

Membership with MTA:

As you explore the benefits and services of the Mississippi Trucking Association contained in this site, you will find a community of businesses with the common goal of improving trucking service to the public, and the overall betterment of the industry in the public interest. As a carrier or allied member of the industry, participation in the Mississippi Trucking Association can help your organization assume a leadership role in the industry and help preserve the industry for future generations.
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MTA Recent Accomplishments:

1.Tort Reform
2.Workers Compensation Reform
3.Abolished Ad Valorem taxes on truck tractors
4.Reduced semi-trailer tag fees to $10.00 annually
5.Increased weight limits 73,280 pounds - 80,000 pounds
6.Allow weight limit exemptions – short wheel-base trucks
7.Allow weight limit exemptions – container loads
8.Increased length auto-transporters 55 feet to 65 feet
9.Increased length tractor semi-trailers 55 feet to 60 feet
10.Increased length twin trailer units 55 feet to 60 feet
11.Increased length twin trailer units 60 feet to 65 feet
12.Allow 50 foot twin semi-trailers – no restrictions
13.Allow 30 foot twin unit trailers – no restrictions
14.Allow 102 inch wide trailers – no restrictions
15.Allow use 53 foot semi-trailers – no restrictions
16.Allow credit – overpayment fuel taxes
17.Good Samaritan – immunity from liability
18.Restrict - entities where legal action may be taken against truckers
19.Allow state to join Fuel Tax compact
20.Abolish Ad Valorem tax on semi-trailers
21.Allow 48 hour drive-out rule on semi-trailers
22.Reduce sales tax on semi-trailers from 6% to 3%
23.Enact 3 billion dollar Highway Program
24.Litigation – successfully sued and won three (3) court decisions eliminating unconstitutional fees and administrative burdens on Motor Carriers
25.Abolish Ad Valorem tax on truck tractors
26.Allow the Mississippi Transportation Commission to exempt carriers who have been preapproved from requiring stopping at inspection stations
27.Allow the Mississippi Transportation Commission to enter into agreements with contiguous states to jointly staff and operate portable weight scales to reduce the state’s cost of maintaining weigh stations
28.Prorate sales tax on truck tractors in Mississippi and eliminate 3% sales tax
29.Special harvest permits to be issued for vehicles hauling sand, gravel, fill, dirt, agricultural and forestry products
30.Allow $65 permanent trailer tags

Hiring VA Drivers

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