Maine Motor Transport Association

PO Box 857
Augusta, ME 04332-0857
Phone: (207) 623-4128
Fax: (207) 623-4096

About Maine Motor Transport Association

MMTA Mission:

To foster and promote the motor transportation industry in the State of Maine and elsewhere; To promote the welfare of its members by friendly association, cooperation, and education, to the end that valuable aid to the motor transportation industry and to the public at large may thereby be developed; To assist in and provide for education of those engaged in the motor transportation industry and their suppliers on matters affecting the operation of motor vehicles, including safety procedures, safety devices, and laws governing such operations; To improve motor transportation services by providing leadership and assistance to persons and firms engaged in the motor transportation industry and by cooperating with all public officials and interested parties; To foster and promote safety on the highways; To affiliate with or establish working relationships with other Associations, including the American Trucking Associations, Inc.; To act as the medium for expression of the collective views of its members on matters affecting the motor transportation industry; and To do such things as may be proper to create and stimulate a fair and intelligent attitude on the part of the public with respect to the transportation business of its members and to accomplish fair and intelligent legislation with respect thereto.

Reasons to be an MMTA Member :

1.Low Cost Membership Dues. (Starting as low as $125.00)
2.MMTA Communications will keep you up to date on the latest industry developments.
3.Our newsletter "Maineline" goes to press 20 to 30 times a year, or as issues that impact the industry arise.
4.MMTA's news magazine "Maine Motor Transport News" is published ten times a year. Each issue is packed full of information, features, and advertisements. This is an excellent low cost way for advertisers to reach the people who typically make the buying decisions for their companies.
5.MMTA is the spokesmen for the trucking industry at the state house. Our staff work closely with all state and federal agency's to ensure that during the rule making process, your views are known.
6.ME Truck/Pac, Another way for your voice to be heard through political action.
7.Our staff of professionals will help solve your problems and answer any questions you may have.
8.MMTA Services has Low, Low prices on supplies.
9.MMTA Services also knows that your time is valuable, we can help by: Preparing your Fuel, Mileage, IRP,IFTA Reports, Vehicle Registrations and Over Limit Permits.
10.Provide a Turnpike Toll Discount Program which includes the following: Maine, New Hampshire, FASTLANE
11.Workers Compensation & Health insurance
12.Mobile Training Unit is available for: On site Defensive Driver Training, Drivers Education Classes - "How to Share the Road with Trucks", Driver Awareness Programs and Employee Training
13.We provide awards to Driver of the month & Drive of the/year
14. Truck Driving Championships - Held yearly at Dysart's in Hermon, Maine
15. Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
16.Safety Management Council
17.Seminars: State and Federal Regulations Compliance, Hazardous Material Training, Log Books, Drug and Alcohol, Fleet Safety Programs

Hiring VA Drivers

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