New Jersey Motor Truck Association

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About New Jersey Motor Truck Association

The New Jersey Motor Truck Association (NJMTA) represents the trucking community serving our great state. NJMTA is the voice of New Jersey’s trucking industry before state and federal legislatures, government and regulatory agencies, the public and the media. Since the efficient delivery of goods by truck is essential to New Jersey's economy, when the NJMTA speaks out on trucking issues,we're advocates for the interests of all our state's businesses, institutions and families.

Founded in 1914, the NJMTA is a non-profit trade association that has more than 1000 members.Most of our members operate truck fleets. Some of these fleets belong to large enterprises headquartered out of state, but most are among the more than 20,000 family-owned and corporate trucking businesses based in New Jersey. Our allied members belong to businesses that supply the trucking community, such as providers of trucks,tires, fuel and a vast array of services.

Mission Statement:

NJMTA strives to foster and promote sound economical and efficient service by motor carrier transportation;to promote safety and courtesy in highway transportation; to foster and support beneficial laws and regulations affecting the motor carrier industry and highway transportation; to promote and encourage the construction and maintenance of an adequate system of safely engineered highways; to foster and promote sound and reasonable taxation at the state and federal levels on highway users and to engage in any and all activities that will advance the interests of highway transportation and highway users generally.

Membership with NJMTA:

The New Jersey Motor Truck Association has been the voice of the New Jersey trucking industry since 1914. We are a non-profit trade association of more than 1,000 trucking companies, suppliers and interested parties. NJMTA is your voice before state and federal legislatures, regulatory agencies, the public and the media. NJMTA is dedicated to promoting safety on our highways, educating the public and others about the important role trucks have in our daily lives, and partnering with local, state and federal agencies to insure that we can provide the safe, efficient and economical transport of goods throughout our great State.

NJMTA Membership is an investment that more than pays for itself. The trucking industry is constantly bombarded with new rules, regulations and laws that impact the cost of doing business. NJMTA members are armed with the facts to protect their company's interests. Many non-members are informed of these same issues by summonses that normally exceed the NJMTA annual membership dues. Take a look! See how you can get the most for your investment.

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