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About Oklahoma Trucking Association

The Oklahoma Trucking Association is a non-profit, full service trade association formed to promote and protect the interests of the trucking industry within Oklahoma. In this age of economic deregulation, OTA is committed to help you cope with the daily minefields of compliance and enforcement regulation which a carrier faces from all levels of our Government.

On June 24, 1932, a group of trucking industry pioneers formed an association to promote and protect the interests of the truck and bus industry in Oklahoma. That initial meeting of visionaries spawned the Associated Motor Carriers of Oklahoma (AMCO) which for decades has been a vital partner to the trucking industry, providing members with representation essential to growth and prosperity. In January 1997 the Board of Directors voted to change the name to the Oklahoma Trucking Association (OTA). This name change better positions the industry before the consuming/motoring public and public policy makers in this economic age of deregulation.

The Oklahoma Trucking Association has developed and maintained close relationships with State and Federal agencies, the Oklahoma Legislature and the United States Congress. OTA is affiliated with with the American Trucking Associations and is a key member of ATA's 50-state federation.

Among the significant association accomplishments over the years have been:

-Passing a law holding shippers equally liable with motor carriers for overweight violations.
-Playing a leading role in development and expansion of IRP & IFTA.
-Increasing truck size/weight to 20,000 pounds single axle, 34,000 pounds tandem and 90,000 pounds GVW that later became basis for federal size & weight law.
-Securing approval to run triple trailers in Oklahoma.
-Attaining approval of 53-foot trailers in Oklahoma.
-Authoring and passing legislation making Oklahoma a leading marketing, warehousing, and distribution network hub center for motor transport in America.
-Eliminating 3.25% excise tax on trucks.
-Keeping annual mobilized machinery permits of $60 instead of the proposed $1500.
-Keeping three-cent diesel tax differential but no speed differential between passenger vehicles and trucks.

OTA members are as focused on safety as they are on profitability because, in the long term, a company cannot excel in the one aspect of its operation without succeeding in the other. The safety arm of the Association is the nationally acclaimed Oklahoma Safety Management Council. Just last year, OSMC earned its 13th Summa Cum Laude Award from ATA as the top truck industry safety council in the United States.

Today, the Oklahoma Trucking Association is composed of several hundred trucking companies that are as diverse in size, type and commodity transported as the economy they help fuel. That motor carrier core is complimented by a strong membership of allied organizations. Together, they form a strong, cohesive voice to protect and promote the industry and its interests. Trucks move Oklahoma and America today. The 9 million professionals employed by this dynamic industry are ready for the new millenium and eager for the challenges down the road.


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