Trucking Company Job Profile

What you'll find in the trucking companies profileWhen you've completed the application process and a search, you soon find yourself reviewing a company profile that displays a number of key pieces of information about the company, its' job offerings, benefits, and requirements - so what then? You have the information, you're ready to start driving, the job is just what you're looking for, so how to apply and get hired.

Basic Information: Phone, Email Website

It seems redundent,but it has to be said; the phone number listed may or may not go to the same recruiting department that has received your application. Why? Many of the bigger companies using ETJ have mulitple recruiting offices, and depending on how effiecent the department is in the processing of your application, the person you get on the phone may have no idea you applied for a driving job in the first place.Your application isn't lost, its just not processed along far enought to make it into some system. The same is true of email. provides various ways for you to contact a company through the application process. A toll free phone number of the trucking company, listing of their website, a mailing address, and an email form. Note: As with the phone number situation, if you email or write direct to the company, and follow up with a phone call, don't be too shocked if they act like they never heard of you. In addition to being vast in size, many companies have a high turn over of recruiters, so the person you spoke with today, may or may not be there tomorrow.

Adding the job, apply to the driving job, send this driver job to someone else

The first thing that won't escape your eye will be three candy-like buttons over the company logo and at the bottom of the page. These buttons are: Add to Cart, Apply Now! and Send this Page. "Add to Cart" adds the company to a holding area, waiting for your approval. When you click this, a page will pop-up and the company will be listed, displaying its' name, main terminal, and date added.

Important! Though you have added the company, you have not sent them your application. Why? Because we want to give you the best choices and control over where your application goes, and we know that a simple accidental click could have sent your application to a company you really didn't want calling you. This two step process lets you add any trucking job you see, review, and then apply. Click here for more on how to apply for a job.

Apply Now

This button will take you, from any place in, right to the check-out process of your job search. When you're done searching for jobs, click on this button. If you are already logged in, the process will be automatic, if not, you will be prompted to enter your username and password to finish the process. If you do have an application currently on file, you will have to create an account, at the end of which your job choices will be sent.

Tell a friend about a job for a driver

Maybe you're searching for a job for a loved one or friend that's a truck driver. Maybe it's not the driving job for you ,but you know of an owner operator or CDL driver that could really use this one - Send this Page will do just that. No information is stored or collected, simply enter the email and name of the driver, enter yours so they know it's not a spam ,and WHOOSH of the page and information goes. Want to review this trucking company later? Send it to yourself as a reminder.

Current driver job openings, hiring locations, requirements

Located along the right side of each profile is listed the current openings, as provided to ETJ, hiring locations, equipment types, and requirments. Note: this may be different than those stated or listed on other publications or websites. As stated above, different recruiting terminals have different staff, and some different requirements. We do our best to collect the most accurate information on the driving jobs posted to ETJ, but we are limited to what's provided. If you have heard of a position with the company in the profile,we strongly suggest emailing the recruiter from the form in the profile, or giving them a call.

Job Requirment, benefits of driving

Below the positions and hiring location, you will find the job requirements, as a truck driver, for this company, along with the benefits and health plans offered. This requirement section is geared specificly to the position of driving trucks, and should not be confused with any of the other jobs that may be listed. If you are a trucking owner operator or company driver, pay particular attention to this section. If on your application, any past offenses match these, your application will not be sent to the company. All trucking companies filter their application process, depending on how flexible their insurance or bond agent is. If you have a felony or driving conviction, it's best to list them,and save yourself the time of dealing with a recruiter that in the end can't keep you employed with the company.


The trucking profile tells you who they are, where they are, the driving job they have to offer, benefits (if listed), and requirements they need for you to drive for them. If you like what you see, but can't make up your mind, book mark the profile for future reference - the bookmark can be found in the top right of the profile and will add this page to your browser favorites.


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