Windows, Doors, and Keys
My interview with a Freymiller recruiter

Part 2 of 3: Doors

Windows can only ever give us a glimpse of what is inside. Although sometimes a glimpse is all we need, there are times when we have to stop and look for the door. The problem with doors, though, is that many of them tend to be locked, and most of us don't have the keys to open them.

In last month's article, I brought you part 1 of a 3 part series of questions I posed to Freymiller Recruiter, Tamina Rawlins. Part 1 was entitled “windows”, which gave you a glimpse inside the daily undertakings of a recruiter, and the process your application undergoes. This month, I have entitled part 2 “doors”. As the metaphor explains, doors can be a big obstacle in getting you where you want to be – you either need someone to open the door for you, or to hand you a key. I asked Tamina questions about the major doors that stand in the way of employment for many drivers, and below are her answers:

Q: When it comes to past employment, what are the most important factors?

A: Stability and having a clean record with their past employers. I cannot stress enough how important it is to leave a company on good terms.

Q: How much background information do you collect on average for each applicant?

A: We use every available means under the law to investigate each applicant.

Q: How many moving violations are generally allowed on an applicant's driving record?

A: Freymiller only allows 3 moving violations in the last 3 years, and we do not like to see any speeding tickets over 15 in the last 3 years.

Q: What do you do if information contained on the application does not match information contained in an applicant's background information?

A: If an application does not match the information found on their background, it generally gets put in the no hire file because they are generally trying to hide something. Just be honest on your application and we are more willing to work with you.

Q: When it comes to an applicant that has been convicted of a felony, what are the factors involved in considering that applicant for hire?

A: I look at what the felony was for and how long ago it was.

Q: If an applicant that has been convicted of a felony is bondable, does that make a difference?

A: no

Q: How are misdemeanors viewed when being considered for hire?

A: The same as a felony. I look to see how long ago a felony was and what it was for.

Q: How would you say an applicants that cannot go into Canada fairs in the trucking industry?

A: I would say there are plenty of jobs in this industry that stay within the United States where Canada is not required. Freymiller does not require Canada.
Q: If a driver has a somewhat lax DAC report, does a personal statement posted on his report matter much to the recruiter when reviewing it?

A: Not all companies report to DAC. If an applicant works for a company or an owner-operator that doesn't report to DAC I must be able to verify this employment. A personal statement usually doesn't affect whether or not I hire someone.

Q: What are the top five things that can be found on a DAC report that would make you not want to contact the applicant?

A: Unauthorized location without notice, quit under dispatch, unsatisfactory safety record, unauthorized equipment use, or unauthorized use of company funds.

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