Enjoying Everyday Life

Every day in America we busy ourselves doing what we call “everyday life”: we get up, sit in traffic, work all day, come home, do dishes, cook meals, help kids with homework, and so many other so-called mundane tasks. No other society on Earth spends its time, its energy, and its money the way American's do. We get up on a Monday and count the work days until the weekend. We schedule vacation time and count the months until we can relax, only to discover that we are surrounded by the same problems on vacation as we face in everyday life.

Having worked at Walt Disney World, I was able to observe how different families chose to spend their hard-earned vacations. One of my most fascinating subjects was always the fathers who spent too much time at work, making the money that he was now willingly spending in the thousands to afford some well-earned relaxation. They were so obsessed with the amount of money they were spending for this vacation that they weren't able to enjoy it. They yelled at their kids, forcing them from ride to ride, not wanting to pay for admission into a park only to just have their kids wear out and need a nap. They would holler at the park workers and harass those they felt were unfair – often times causing bodily injury to them or to their family because of their refusal to listen. My favorite oxymoron was always the moment of truth when the kids would be crying, the mom would look disheveled and in shock, and the dad would be yelling at his family to, “Have a good time, d***it!”.

I often wondered that if this was how these men acted while supposedly away from the dole-drums and ho-hums of everyday life, how bad did their attitude get during their work week? If this was how they treated their own family while supposedly relaxing and making life-long memories, how did they treat their fellow man? Quite frankly, it bothers me to think that as a society, American's have completely lost focus of what life truly is. You will spend MOST of your life getting up, going to work, sitting in traffic, waiting in line, and doing dishes. So the thought begs to ask, “If this is what life really is like, than why not make the choice to enjoy it?”

Make the choice? Yes! Happiness is a choice – it is not a reaction. Happiness is merely a decision to focus on the good even while handling the bad. As mortal beings, we only get but one life to live. So if we only get one life, and most of it will be spent performing day to day tasks, my life will be better if I learn to enjoy performing those everyday tasks.

My husband and I like to get up in the mornings earlier than necessary so that we can catch one of our favorite preachers on television, Joyce Meyer. For years we have listened to her and enjoyed hearing a Word from her very practical teaching. Recently, however she changed her program title and her teaching messages from “Life in the Word” to simply, “Enjoying Everyday Life”. Since we have started watching her program, we have noticed that our satisfaction with life has increased tremendously. As two goal and dream-oriented people, my husband and I would often find ourselves living from goal to goal, from peak to peak. The time in between was merely preparation for the next peak, and focusing on that goal was the way to get through the period of “down-time”. That is no way to live the life that we have been granted.

How much better would life be if we could focus and enjoy even the smallest and simplest of things? What kind of society would we become if we would all just slow down? How better would we be able to treat our fellow man if we ditched the “me-first” mentality? Call me an idealist, a dreamer, or whatever many cynical minds would wish to say. I call myself a Christian, and I know, that I know, that I know that God grants me an overwhelming joy, and a peace that surpasses understanding even in my darkest hours. I wish that every man, woman, and child could share my joy, and this is why I write this article. I am not pious, nor do I deserve the love of God, but I tell you the truth – He made you, to love you. He gave you life that you might enjoy it, and that you might love Him.

If you would like more information on Joyce Meyer Ministries, log on to www.joycemeyer.org, or check your local listings to catch her television program “Enjoying Every Day Life”.

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