I want my....V T.V.?

By Paul Still

You're a star! Over 10,000 people a day are watching you, wishing to be you, and setting their schedule's to watch.
Sound impossible? It's not, in fact with the average $200.00 digital camera, a little script writing, a computer and you're ready to be a star..

Video casting, video ipodding, vlogging or whatever the word of the week, this media choice has been around for awhile – but now there's a new twist: Remember those “watch my web cam” sites? Slow, unreliable, took forever to download? Forget the cam – take your show on the road, upload and let the world watch.

YouTube (www.youtube.com), Flipclips (www.flipclips.com) and hundreds of other startups want your video's! Accounts are free and simple. Shoot your video, upload from your desktop and tell your friends where to watch. The advantage - you need to know nothing about video editing for the web, no website needed, you're not paying for bandwidth or hosting.
And if you really have a hot story who know, you may be discovered. Seriously. YouTube.com boasts over 1.2 million downloads per month from around the world. People share, compare and rate their favorite shows. These can be anything your heart desires and there are hundreds of off the way items already there (though a warning; the video of the guy wearing a head camera and had his bungee cord break was a bit much).

Reality T.V.

If you're not a writer, and many of us aren't, bloggs seem interesting but a bit too much work. Have a laptop in your truck? A web cam or digital camera? Yes? Well then we have the making's of good reality T.V. Take your road life online! In fact I dare you! Let us see those crazy four wheelers wizzing by, the guy that cut you off, the crazy people running 100 mph and whatever happens in the late hours of the run.

Resources to get started

The following sites offer various features and instructions on how to get started, a few even offer discounts on web cams and cheap, but good, digital cameras; www.youtube.com, www.vimeo.com, www.ourmedia.org, www.clipshack.com, www.rewer.com, www.dailymotion.com and www.vsocial.com

When you become a star and stand up there on stage just remember who got ya started! Have fun with it and, as always, if you have questions about this article feel free to write me at: p.still@everytruckjob.com. You could be the next superstar of the web.

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