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A summary of information, benefits & risks found in this new age of truck driver recruiting.

Part 2 of 3 – How Do Driver Recruitment Websites Benefit Drivers?

Last month's article presented an overall summary of how Internet based driver recruitment works. The article touched on how these sites work and how to find a credible site to use. This month's article takes a more in depth look at how driver recruitment websites actually benefit drivers.

Create one account / application, apply to multiple companies

Before driver recruitment websites were available, the process of applying to a company was typically a very time consuming process. A driver would call a trucking company, request an application via fax or mail, complete their application and either mail or fax it back to the trucking company. And, if a driver wanted to apply for driving jobs to more than one company at a time, this process was even more time consuming as the same process had to be repeated for each company.

Truck driver recruiting websites have greatly simplified this process. On most credible driver recruitment websites, such as, the driver fills out only one application. This application is automatically formatted and saved for the driver. The driver simply selects the companies they would like to apply to from the list of trucking companies and, with a click of a button, the driver can send his application to their choice of companies instantly.

Accounts Are Saved for Future Use

Another benefit of most driver recruitment websites is they save the driver's application so it can be accessed at a later date. Accounts are typically accessed by logging in using a username and password, which is created during the original application process. Drivers can login to their account to check which companies have successfully received their application, apply to companies for truck driving jobs at a later date, and, most importantly, keep their application current by updating work histories, driving record, contact information, etc.

Ability to Interact with Other Truck Drivers

Many recruitment websites allow drivers to interact with other drivers in an online driver forum. Driver forums allow users to interact by posting questions, comments, and responses . Most forums are separated into different sections such as General Discussion, Trucking Jobs, Family and Humor. By separating forums into different sections, drivers are able to interact with others regarding specific issues, questions or topics that directly relate to their interests or concerns.

There are many benefits to drivers who use a credible driver recruitment website. Hopefully, this article was able to shed a little light on a few of the many benefits available to the driver. Although there are many benefits to these websites, there are also a few things drivers need to be aware of when using recruitment sites. Next month's article will focus on many of the things drivers should look out for when using recruitment websites.

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