Windows, Doors, and Keys
My Interview with a Freymiller Recruiter

Part 3 of 3: Keys

Over the past two months, I have tried to find answers to some of the trucking industry's most asked questions. I wanted to know what a driver recruiter's job was really like. I wanted to know what thoughts drove their decision making, and even about their personal feelings on hot industry topics. As a result, I feel I've gained a better appreciation for people in that position – forever treading the line between good and bad. They are good to those they can help, but yet powerless to help some people, making them bad. At the end of any given day, a driver recruiter may have made someone's life have meaning, or cause another to give up the business. I don't envy that role.

While I've come to the end of my interview with Freymiller recruiter Tamina Rawlins, I feel like I have ground yet to walk, and questions that still need answering. While Tamina was gracious enough to answer my questions, I feel like we've only buzzed the surface of an undiscovered ocean. So while this is the end of this interview, it's back to the pen and pad for me to devise new and better questions. Questions that dig deeper down to the heart of the industry, and once and for all quelch all the rumours, hype, and smooth talking. Afterall, this isn't the democratic primaries, this is supposed to be the heart of America.

For my last round of inquiries for Tamina, I asked her two distinct questions – the “Keys” for those locked doors or closed windows. Based on her answers, I think it is safe to say that Tamina deals with many different types of drivers in search of driving jobs - Experiences I'm sure she would label as both good and bad. Over the course of this interview, I have tried to develop a formula for success, and now that I've reached the end, I'm not sure there is one. The best advice, I think comes from Tamina herself: be a person of integrity.

Q: If you could read your dream application, what would it look like? What information would it contain? What manner of driver is it?

A: The applicant would be a perfect fit for the driver and Freymiller. It would be a truck driver with no criminal background, a clean driving record, and a stable work history. The driver is time oriented and has a reputation of caring about the company they work for.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you can give drivers applying for trucking jobs?

A: Be honest on your application. Please don't try to hide anything because we will find it and probably not hire you due to the fact that you were not honest and were hiding it!

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