Trucking companies with truck driving jobs by equipment type

Finding the truck driving job that best fits your needs is an ordeal. The preferences and desires of trucking professionals searching for the truck driving jobs best suited to them can take days due to the lack of a centralized and non-biased resource to research jobs in trucking.

The type of trailer hauled is often what seals the deal on whether you accept a job from a trucking company. Driving a truck for a job you hate leads nowhere and hurts your career when you are forced to hop jobs in the trucking industry every couple of years.

Dry Van Truck Driving Jobs

All the truck driving jobs listed here are hiring drivers looking to haul dry van trailers. Dry van trailers are the favorite of many truck drivers because there is no work required to maintain these loads. These trucking jobs generally do not pay as well as some of the other categories of truck driving jobs.

Flatbed Truck Driving Jobs

Flatbed trucking jobs require work to secure and maintain the load. These jobs usually require the truck driver to tarp the loads before he begins driving, which many drivers find to be a nuisance. The flatbed truck driving job almost always pay more than dry van trucking jobs.

Truck Driving Jobs with Reefer Companies

Trucking jobs hauling reefer trailers are very similar to jobs hauling dry van trailers but may require the truck driver to periodically check the refrigeration unit while driving. Reefer truck driving jobs are time sensitive due to the fact much of the freight can spoil.

Tanker Truck Driving Jobs

Trucking jobs hauling tankers can pay well but the freight hauled is oftentimes more dangerous than other trucking jobs. These jobs usually require the truck driver to have a hazmat endorsement. These trucking jobs pay well due to the hazardous nature of the freight which can include fuel and compressed gasses but can also include milk and water.

Truck Driving Jobs with Car Hauler (autohauler) Companies

Car hauling jobs usually require the driver to load and unload vehicles from the trailer. Most of these trucking companies require previous experience and a few offer the training needed to obtain a trucking job hauling these trailers.

Household Goods Truck Driving Jobs

Household goods companies move people's belongings from one corner of the nation to the other and require special handling. Previous driving experience with these kinds of loads is greatly desired from the companies offering these jobs.