Types of Trucking Jobs Available

What types of jobs can everytruckjob.com help with? It's all in the name - everytruckjob.com is focused on trucking, specifically driving positions, providing filters and search parameters that no other job site can offer. The following are the driving positions we cater too and some suggestions on how to get the most out of our job search engine.

Student Truck Drivers / Recent Truck School Graduates

If you are looking to become a truck driver and are looking for a trucking company that will train you to drive trucks, or you are a recent trucking school graduate, select this position from the job search engine. Companies that train drivers, or hire recent grads, are few, so you may need to select states other than your own if you don't have many results the first time. Becoming a truck driver has big benefits, so it may be worth the investment to travel to an area where the company is willing to train and hire you.
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If you need training, click here for a list of trucking schools.

Company Driver Solo

If you've been a driver for 6 months to 1 year, and drive truck on your own, and don't own your truck, you are considered a company driver solo. Your driving experience has to be recent. If you are looking for a driving job after having been out of the industry for more than a year, many trucking companies will require you to take a refresher course at a truck school, or ride with a driver trainer for a short time. If you haven't driven a truck for awhile, then a search as a student driver or recent grad may provide more responses from companies.

Company Driver Team

If you drive trucks with your spouse or partner, and sign up with companies as a team, then select this option. Both you and your driving partner will need to fill out an application and submit each one to the company of choice. When applying for team driver jobs, it is suggested to provide as much detailed work history as possible; team drivers are in hot demand and showing an established track record will more than move the hiring process along.

Owner Operator Solo

Own your truck and like to drive alone? Then you are considered a trucking owner operator solo, and trucking companies are in dire need of your services. When filling out an application, please note the year of your truck, make, and model. For obvious reasons,companies need to know how compatible your ride is with their needs. Also, a detailed work history going back at least 10 years is required by most, even the time you weren't an O/O - so if you recently took on a lease purchase to become an owner operator, include everything you can. Trucking companies want to hire you, but they need to get everything approved by the insurance companies before they can let you hit the road.

Owner Operator Team

You're a trucking owner operator, with years of experience,and you have a partner. You will have no problem finding a company ready to hire you on. Applying directly to trucking companies using our online application will save hours of search, rather than applying the old fashion way. Using JOBbot will allow you to effortlessly have companies fighting for your employment. It matches your experience with their requirements. Learn more about JOBbot by clicking here. If you are an owner operator team, and have questions about how to use the site, feel free to give us a call 866-383-7956.

Lease Purchase Program

If you are a CDL truck driver, and are looking for more then a company driver job, and are ready to own your own truck and become a trucking owner operator,then browse companies offering a lease purchase program. A lease purchase is where you pay off your truck while you are working for the company providing the truck. It's touchy, and we suggest you do extensive research on all programs offered. When applying for a lease purchase program driving trucks, provide as much work history, and accurate past offences, to speed up the process for both you and the company.

Expedited / Straight Truck

Expedite trucking jobs, also known as straight truck or hot shot, offer a driver the opportunity for lots of home time and weekends. Fed Ex and food delivery are examples of straight truck, or "right on time", trucking. The application process for an expedite trucking job is the same as any other, and using the zip code filter is probably in your best interest to find any straight truck positions in your area.
Note: Though trucking pays well, many drivers seem disappointed by the difference in pay between expediting and OTR (over the road) driving jobs. It's a give and take; great home time, less pay, or great pay with little home time. Consider this in your decision to go hotshot driving.

Small Fleet - looking to lease on

If you are a small trucking firm (100 or less trucks), and are looking to lease on, then EveryTruckJob.com can help. The trucking search will show you companies in your state or area offering small fleets a chance to haul for them. How to apply or be contacted? A standard application will allow the recruiter to contact you and see the work history of you/your company so far. Our applications are sent by email, and it is stated quite boldly, the nature of the applicant, so no confusion that you are a driver will take place. Follow up with a phone call to the number listed in the profile.

Fleet ( 100+ trucks )

If you own, or represent, a trucking company with more than a 100 trucks, ETJ will be more of a directory service of trucking than an application process. We are geared more towards finding a driver a job; but use the job search to locate prospects and follow up with a call, or by visiting their web site listed in the trucking profile. The information present from both, should provide you with enough to decide if the company is worth pursuing or working with.


Surprisingly, we get a number of dispatcher positions placed on ETJ, along with the driver job placements. How to apply to dispatcher positions in trucking using ETJ? Admittedly, the application process for this seems confusing. The major issues seem to be the licence questions, along with preferences and offences, as they relate to driving. For driver licence questions, simply use your motor vehicle license, it will be needed with any standard application process anyway, and for the rest, select NA or the first response - recruiter and HR departments will understand when they receive your application that these questions do not apply to you.

Diesel Technician

A diesel mechanic or "diesel technician" position usually requires an individual with his own tools and a minimum of 3 years experience. EveryTruckJob.com doesn't, at this time, get many requests for this position, but as services expand, we feel confident that positions will become available.


Trucking runs on the support of it's staff, and no more so than from the skill of secretarial staff. These positions also do not seem to be actively posted by companies, but all company profiles do provide information on the location of the trucking company and phone numbers. Give them a call, or visit their web site for non-driving positions.


If you are an experienced trucking recruiter, or have a solid background in trucking as a driver or something similar, then select this position. Currently our application is geared more towards driving trucks, but it will work for this position as well. Provide a detailed work history as it applies toward trucking, and follow up with a call after your application has been sent. To locate a recruiting job in your area, start first by searching driving jobs by state. If you have experience in a particular industry or equipment type, such as reefer trucking or dry van, then browse our trucking directory of trucking companies.


A trucking company has to sell itself and its services just like any other. Many of the companies using ETJ place most of the influence on the driving job, and neglect many of the others, but the site can still help you find a job in trucking. Search sales jobs in trucking by hitting the search pages like any other position. When you find a company that looks attractive, and you want to get your information in front of them, use the "email this company" form. We suggest a brief introduction, and copy-n-paste your resume into the text field. This forms emails the recruiting department directly, so simply request that the email be forwarded to the right department, and then follow up with a call in 2 to 3 days.

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